Start 12.02.2022 08:00
Slut 15.02.2022
Lokation DGI huset Vejle
Willy Sørensens Plads
7100 Vejle
Invitation to Danish Open Cup & Camp 2022
Tokai University, Judo Denmark and Vejle Judo Club invite you to Danish Open Cup & Camp 2022.
Enclosed you will find our invitation and entry procedures for Danish Open Cup & Camp 2022 in Vejle, Denmark 12th - 15th February 2022.
Should this invitation and documents require further info please do not hesitate to contact us by returning this mail.

Find invitationen her
International referees are welcome. IJF A/B-license or highest national license. Please confirm with the organizers in advance. Accepted referees will stay at the official hotel for free.
We look forward to hosting you in Denmark in February.
Cup fee Senior players 50 EUR per player: 375 kr.
Cup fee Junior players u/21 40 EUR per player: 300 kr.
Cup fee Cadet players u/18 30 EUR per player: 225 kr.
Cup fee Pre cadet players u/15 20 EUR per player: 150 kr.
Double entry 10 EUR per player
Camp fee all 20 EUR per player: 150 kr.
Best regards
Team Danish Open / Matsumae Cup

Link to web and entry: